一般財団法人 松澤宥プサイの部屋

MATSUZAWA Yutaka  Psi  Room


Announcing the establishment of the Matsuzawa Yutaka・ Psi room Foundation. 

Matsuzawa Yutaka (1922-2006) is considered to be the father of Japanese Conceptualism, and one of the most important artists of post-war Japan.    

The Matsuzawa foundation was established to preserve Matsuzawa’s works, related materials and the legendary ‘Psi room’, and to carry on his philosophy for future generations.    

From now on, the foundation will be in charge of the preservation of Matsuzawa’s works, their authentication and copyright. We will support and oversee the exhibition of Matsuzawa’s works and research into his materials and legacy.    

The centenary of Matsuzawa’s birth will be in 2022. His art, which looked squarely at the end of material civilization, may well become all the more important in the future. 

 Haruo Matsuzawa

Executive director, Matsuzawa Yutaka ‘Psi room’ Foundation




「松澤宥 プサイの部屋」は、プサイの部屋を含む松澤作品と関連資料の保全、管理とともに、松澤の思想と理想を後世に伝えて行く事を目的として設立されました。    

今後は当財団が松澤作品、資料の調査・研究を進めるとともに、松澤宥関連の企画・展示、学術研究などのサポート窓口となります。 松澤作品の鑑定、著作権管理等も財団が行います。   2022年は松澤の生誕百年となります。物質文明の終焉を見据えた松澤の芸術は、ますますその重要性を増して行くことでしょう。


                                               一般財団法人「松澤宥 プサイの部屋」代表理事  松澤春雄





About the Foundation

The ultimate aim of this foundation is to pass on Matsuzawa’s perspective and thoughts to the future generations. To this end, we research, manage and preserve  Matsuzawa’s works, the Psi room and related materials. We support research into, and exhibition of, Matsuzawa’s works by scholars and curators, and also organize conferences and exhibitions. Along with Matsuzawa family, we manage copyright and authentication of his works.